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eSports need a federation to organize the players and the team

Lazarus: "For Spain grow in eSports need a federation to organize the players and the team"
Spain bet increasingly electronic sports, but still lagging behind countries like Korea, Switzerland and Germany.

Isabel Sanchez
A scenario. Ten players sitting behind his computer while an average of 45,000 people chanting their names from the stands of a stadium. No, not the World Cup. It is the final of the 'League of Legends', one of the most watched games in the industry of electronic sports. A phenomenon that is here to stay and that the media are becoming increasingly echoed it.

The e-Sports are a continuously growing trend. Today have great expectations regarding the competitiveness of the players through the game. However, Spain is on the line in terms of culture and acceptance of these sports. As David Lazarus, Direct Mayek sports club says is necessary for large federations invest money in electronic sports. "For Spain it is necessary to grow a federation that simply organize the players and the team," said Lazarus.

Currently very few Spanish players live exclusively on e-Sports. When we compared with countries such as Korea, USA or Sweden, Spain is still three or four steps behind. So you can reach the level of these countries require significant changes occur as indicated Lazarus:

"One of the main issues is the cultural expansion, which people accept and companies to invest money in national teams to grow. On the other hand, players must have greater responsibility and understand that it is not just a game, but a profession. And finally, that the Government recognizes the category of sport electronic sports. "

Changes that are gradually bearing fruit and that more and more sponsors are investing in e-Sports as is the case G2A, the second sponsor of Spain which sponsors one of the most popular Spanish teams of Counter Strike, Teamx6Tence. Team that has one of the most important players in the country Flipin, one of the few gamers who are living it.

E-Sports, a gold mine
In 2014 30 million euros in e-sports world, and in 2015 about 60 million were distributed. An increase of 200% and this year is expected even more. Experts have even said that over a period of five years, eSports reach deal more money than the football league.

Such is the growth that Spanish football teams are already investing in them, as is the case of Valencia C. F. The team launched the pool, and has decided to create its own team of e-Sports. "These are steps in the right direction, but still far behind other countries," says David Lazarus. At European level they are already several teams have long been betting on this type of sports such as Manchester or Siken. One step ahead is the Herston C. F., who has already submitted its own section of 'League of Legends'.

Not to forget the creation of events such as the TLP Tenerife, a commitment to the development of dota 2 betting. The largest digital meeting Spain understands the importance of e-sports therefore supports through Island of Legends, where the best players and teams play against the guest stars each game.

We'll see someday LOL final at the Bernabeu?

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