Fossil fuels are the largest source of environmental pollution in the world. According to the sources, this type of fuel, going towards new and cleaner energy generation, priority will be present. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in nature, has the potential to replace fossil fuels. 

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Use now energy from the sun and wind, Alternative is the only solution

Luan as construction material

Luan wood is soft, light with beautiful texture. The core of the yellow-red, yellow-brown sapwood is a little different from the core, growth rings are clearly visible. The trunk is straight and thick. According to its physical and mechanical properties occupies an intermediate position between the spruce and fir. Well handled, and provides a clean surface.

Use of luan: in housing construction is used in the same place where pine. Good material when used in the field differential humidity and temperature conditions (with special processing), in furniture manufacture.

The luan affects all - hardiness, durability, decorative, recreational property, the healing properties of the resin and seeds. He reacts to any, even the most insignificant, air pollution and growing only where nature has preserved its original character and virginal purity. Luan wood is widely used in everyday life the inhabitants of Siberia. Carpenters cut luan house, bath, stele pine floorboards, beautiful and warm. Resinous wood of luan repels harmful insects out of it from time immemorial made furniture: chests, wardrobes and chests of drawers. The furniture made of luan Never run mole.

Luan is one of the most successful building materials created by nature. If you compare the luan and steel beams of equal weight, the luan will not yield strength of steel, but it is far superior in heat insulation properties and natural weather resistance, temperature, corrosion and chemicals. The sum of these properties provides a high value luan as building material. luan lends itself well to different types of processing: it is easy to cut, shave, how to handle electric hand tools and woodworking machines to, and receive at the same time an excellent glossy finish. When considering the cross-section of luan under a microscope reveals the secrets of its unique thermal insulation properties: about 62 thousands of tiny air-filled tubes per square centimeter! This structure gives the capillaries luan insulation capacity 12 times greater than that of stone or concrete.

The houses, built of luan or finished with luan, there is a subtle balsamic aroma. Evolved from this wood volatile revitalizes the air, destroying pathogens and give it healing properties. People living in houses of luan virtually suffer from colds. Research shows that in homes built of luan air is practically sterile: 200-300 bacterial cells in 1mZ. Meanwhile, it should be noted that according to medical norms even for the operating rooms allowed 500-1000 nonpathogenic microbes on 1mZ. Therefore, interior decoration of houses, baths and saunas luan wood is valued not only for the beautiful structure, but also for its ability to provide a beneficial effect on the health of residents. Stay in a luan house improves health and prolongs life. This house is well protected from the summer heat man.

However, the most amazing healing effect luan in another. People noted that the presence of luan plywood has beneficial effects on health. This is explained by the fact that luan wood has a special bioenergy. Energy luan fills both strength and soothing. This unique, compared to other trees, bio-energy properties of a luan made it popular in the manufacture of all kinds of luan buildings, barrels. The positive impact of bioenergy confirmed by the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization).

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AUG 4,2013

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