Fossil fuels are the largest source of environmental pollution in the world. According to the sources, this type of fuel, going towards new and cleaner energy generation, priority will be present. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in nature, has the potential to replace fossil fuels. 

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Use now energy from the sun and wind, Alternative is the only solution

The Fourth International Exhibition on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Today, The Fourth International Exhibition of renewable energy and energy efficiency (IECREE2012) is an exhibition of strategic technologies in new and renewable energy, conservation and energy efficiency of their products and services. This exhibition is a very important event which aims to promote efficient use of energy. The exhibition will display the latest products and advanced energy technologies. The exhibition focuses on the countries of Eastern Asia, Western Europe and the Middle East and each year many companies from Iran and around the world will gather. The exhibition is an ideal opportunity for foreign companies to expand their activities in Iran provides. The commercial arena is a good field and successful environment for the exchange of information and experiences among the participating countries. Considering the above, the world's fourth exhibition aims to introduce the latest achievements and technologies in the areas of planning conference and exhibition for the presence of prominent masters as internal and external will be held. In addition to presentations at key conferences and specialized workshops with a number of local and foreign teachers also held that aim to improve the level of knowledge participants will. Participation in the Fair Grounds meet energy needs through the proper use of the country's potential and create a good atmosphere of cooperation with companies, and international institutions provides.


Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E), to support its financial year devoted to promoting research in clean energy technologies. Recently, various companies for financial support of the Institute for the Future, showcased its products at its annual meeting. Wind turbines are one of the technologies which are now also benefits  FloDeign company has received ARPA grant. The company strives to improve the efficiency of  jet engines, turbines, invented a new wind turbine. An example of this is seen in this image turbines, according to the company, it can be used as part of a wind turbines farm. One of the biggest challenges of fuel cell vehicles that use, store hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cell power, the electricity required to move the car provides. Plasma Kinetics Corporation is looking for funding to develop innovative systems for the storage of hydrogen molecules using magnesium supplements.

Paul Smith, executive director of research and development, says the company uses 10  thousand of these tablets occupy only the space the size of the back seat of the car, can  of more than 320 kilometers sprang distance. He played hydrogen from the disc using a  laser. Planar Energy corporate headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida, has developed a method for producing thin metal sheet battery. This technology uses a liquid electrolyte old is forever abolished. According to Scott Farys, CEO, battery technology company based on parts breakdown is based on metal plates in addition to the reduction in size due to the use of less material also reduces the manufacturing cost.

Another company, FastCap Systems companies have entrepreneurship centers. Ipod. T is in the field of energy storage research grants for public works could be achieved. Instead of improving performance batteries for storing energy, FastCap and other companies who work on supercapacitors. These storage devices, although not as much as the current batteries store electrical energy, they are able to discharge more rapidly than chemical batteries live. The company's plan to save energy of a nanotube structure is used as a conductive layer is  put down on the carpet.

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AUG 4,2013

There is a growing industry "new favorite" - water heater, air source heat pump